DK-neko reports

Our mascot DK-neko reports from
the field on our activities and other subjects.

2021-03 Received a letter of appreciation from a property management subsidiary of the biggest and the most safety-conscious railway company
The window cleaning, one of our service offerings, has the highest risk in the safety management perspective. A letter of appreciation was given appraising that  our continuous safety management effort (frequent safety inspections and the effective process management utilizing ICT tools) has contributed maintaining the clean and comfortable building space. This encourages us in enhancing the safety management and expanding this practice to other customers.

Dec 2020   A LCC-based major renewal proposal of a large building facility accepted
Our building facility administration professional staff has rich experience in putting together customer’s building facility renewal proposals based on the LCC (Life Cycle Cost) methodology considering the building facility conditions and the customer financial conditions. In recent years, increasing customers give us inquiries and requests of the building facility renewal and we respond with consulting services including surveillance of the facility condition and renewal plan proposals that are positively accepted by customers.
Most recently, we won a major building facility renewal deal from one of our major clients where we have been providing the building facility administration service since the opening day of the large-sized building (10 years old, 45,000 m2 total floor area) after 1 year of data collection and analysis effort in compiling the proposal. The construction started in December 2020.

October 2020  Holding annual quality employee award ceremony (DK Ward 2020)
We have this event every year but specifically this year considering Covid-19, we held it in different manner refraining from the recreation event and the party where many of employees get together. At the award ceremony at headquarter office, the commendation certificate handed to each of award winner and extra prize, two bottles of wine with DK-original wine label as we as a catalugue gift book.
We really hope, in next year, everything to get back to normal so that many of employees can get together again.

2020-06  Our continuous effort to better serve customers under the coronavirus pandemic
While the coronavirus pandemic continues, keeping building infrastructure up and running, providing cleaning services including sanitization and the mailroom services, as part of the customer's logistics process, with creative ideas are our priority.
We have been serving customers with agile adaptability to customers' workstyle evolution.

2020-03 Implementation of disinfection and sterilization to prevent new coronavirus infection
As part of our conventional EHS activities, we are focusing on measures to prevent infectious diseases.
At the customer's request, we proactively respond to new coronavirus measures such as special disinfection and sterilization in the office.

・ Sterilizing and disinfecting by spraying disinfectant liquid with an electric sprayer.  (right)
・ Wipe out with alcohol disinfection. (left)

2020-01 Periodic safety patrols for glass exterior construction operations
We regularly conduct safety patrols for glass exterior construction work by the Technical Safety Management Officer every month.
January 2020, safety checks and guidance were conducted at the contract building in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, based on the glass cleaning procedure.

2019-09 Rugby World Cup 2019 Scotland team visits Japan. We also support!
We received a request from an organization related to public relations and trade expansion at the British Embassy.
In line with the timing of the Rugby World Cup 2019, we will assist the embassy staff in arranging Scotland's PR activities for Japan, attracting business, and adjusting the schedule of the event.

2019-07 “56th Management Policy Briefing” held.
Our annual Management Policy Presentation was held.
In addition to the president's management policy announcement, excellent staff commendation, and the social gathering, a bowling tournament was held as a recreation.
Also, as a health management initiative, a bone density measurement corner was set up using inspection equipment. Many staff participated in the measurement, and this was an opportunity to raise awareness about health management.

2019-06 Our initiatives were featured on Softbank's public relations site.

Since 2015, we have been working on business automation with cleaning robots.
We have newly adopted the further advanced AI-equipped self-propelled cleaning robot “Whiz (developed by Softbank Robotics)”.
SoftBank interviewed us about the operation situation and was featured on the SOFTBANK NEWS website.

March, 2019 Strengthening health management.
From April 2019, as part of strengthening employee health promotion activities, we started to standardize the use of additional options (such as influenza and cancer markers) for health examinations.

2018-12-18 ISO14001 renewal audit (Surveillance).
The renewal examination of the environmental management system standard “ISO14001” has been conducted, and 15 years have passed since the initial registration. Currently, we are working on risk improvement activities by applying ISO systems.

August 15, 2018  Special cleaning "Chandelier cleaning"
Cleaning of the chandelier in the historically venerable embassy that is over 140 years old.
It required delicate and advanced technology and reliable safety management.

August, 2018  "Deikeneko" line-up (founded 55th anniversary)
To celebrate the 55th anniversary of our company, character dolls for each business services were produced, we call them as "Deikeneko".
Lined up by adding new buddy!

July 31, 2018  Regular training held for work at a high place
Based on the annual plan, regular training (lecture classes and practical training) on cleaning for exterior windows at a high place was conducted. This time, assuming a rooftop without anchors (hanging ropes), training of special equipment called "rigging" was also carried out.

July 7, 2018  Annual “Management Policy Briefing” for 55th Fiscal Year held
Part 1: Held a bowling competition to commemorate the founding 55 anniversary.
Part 2: Briefing by the President on the management policy and presentation of awards to outstanding staff members followed by having get-together dinner party.
Although it was the first bowling competition, the hall is filled with excitement, and everyone enjoyed having precious moments.

June 18, 2018  Strengthen security level at head office
In accordance with the amendment of the Personal Information Protection Law, we reinforced the security of the entrance to the head office.

May 7,2017  Wine renewal for novelty
Our novelty, special wine was renewed its brand and label. It is an excellent piece that won the gold medal in the world's largest international wine competition.

February 14, 2018
Our Staff, Honor Medal Awards!
Achievement of support services to the British Embassy was recognized,

our staff, Fernando Bangit was awarded the British Empire Medal BEM.

November 18, 2017
Management Policy Briefing for 54th Fiscal Year held
Part I: Briefing by the President on the management policy and presentation of awards to outstanding staff members. Part II: Buffet reception and planned events. This year’s meeting was held in a facility rented from a customer we have served for more than 60 years, located at its head office. This exciting, well-attended briefing included planned events that featured an appearance by the mascot for one of the customer’s products.

October 25, 2017
A wheelchair is presented to DK (through support for recycling and contributions to welfare)
As a continuation of the highly regarded contributions DK made last year to a customer’s CSR program (involving collecting aluminum cans and trading them in for wheelchairs), a wheelchair is presented to us again this year. The wheelchair now is in use at the public facility in Tokyo to which it was donated.
Note: See December 1, 2016 report

July 20, 2017
Disaster-prevention drills held for large-scale office (periodic drills)
DK provides comprehensive support, from planning through implementation, for these regular drills based on the disaster-prevention plans for the head office of a customer (a major IT business). This session focused on raising awareness of disaster prevention and learning how to react in an emergency, through disaster-prevention workshops and practical drills on evacuation guidance and other activities. A large number of users took part.

May 12, 2017
Training held on elevated rope work
To further improve safety and skills in the elevated rope work involved in cleaning exterior windows, we held classroom training and on-site training (simulating scaffolding assembly and descending from the roof).

April 1, 2017
Redesigned website opens!
Contact us by telephone, email, or the Contact Us form on the website for details of our services and other activities.

March 1, 2017
DK Cat registered as a trademark
our reporter on this part of the website—that’s me, DK’s mascot DK Cat—now is a registered trademark.


January 26, 2017
Conference with partner companies held (periodic conference) 
The themes of this meeting: Reaffirmation of working methods and procedures; sharing and discussing information on risk management and safety management; etc.

December 1, 2016
A wheelchair is presented to DK (through support for recycling and contributions to welfare)
This effort was regarded highly as an example of contributions made by DK site staff through cleaning services, to assist a customer’s CSR program involving collecting aluminum cans and trading them in for wheelchairs.